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The history of the drug "Propecia" began with the fact that it was used for the treatment of prostatitis, but it became to promote hair growth. Millions of men around the world have already evaluated its effect, and you can easily become one of them.It shoul be noticed, that such situation is quite common, and even Viagra, that is now well-known all over the World, firstly was created absolutely for the other purpose.

Generic Propecia secret is that it blocks the synthesis of dihydrotestosterone, which can be accumulated in the hair follicles. Due to the effect of pressure from scratching or shearing, hair follicles, usually die. Those people, who take this pills, can easily eliminate baldness and feel confident in their abilities.

Today not only women but also men want to have beautiful and thick hair. But it often happens that men at an early age density of hair changes, when there can be formed baldness, can have complexes and fell self-doubtful. It is not always the fact that male’s hair becomes less in quantity with age, loss of hair may occur at a relatively early age. There are different types of hair loss in men (and not always male pattern baldness due to a lack of vitamins).

Baldness is hair loss, which can lead to thinning of the specific area of the head or even to extinction. In men the causes of baldness can be quite different:

Early male pattern baldness can be androgenic. This cause of hair loss occurs most often (95% of cases), as laid by parents in genetic information. This type of alopecia leads to thinning of the hair in the parietal or frontal part of the head men. And it happens due to the fact that the hair follicle by the enzymes produced in the hair follicles, the impact of strong male hormone - dihydrotestosterone. Because it produced less hair, and the rest of them are thin, short and colorless. Men’s hear become to loss because they do not have enough thickness to cover the scalp. The formation of such hair is the first symptom of androgenic alopecia. If you do not take action, then in 10-12 years follicles overgrown connective tissue and can no longer produce new hair (even those that form vellus layer). So, it is strongly recommended to care about hear from the very beginning of the problem.

The cause of baldness men can become diffuse (symptomatic) baldness. This type of alopecia arises from the fact that there is a failure of the organism, whereby the hair begins to drop greatly and uniformly to the part of the head where hair is present. Diffuse alopecia can be expressed in a form of: anagenovoy (due to impacts of a strong poison, radiation or chemotherapy for the human body), or telogen (to cause it stress, diet, hereditary diseases, etc.). Diffuse alopecia is the second stage after androgen.

Alopecia in men may be focal (alopecia). The occurrence of alopecia areata is associated with damage to the follicle root on the head that causes the human immune system factors. This areata causes patchy loss of round shape (there may be one or more). Cause Alopecia areata can serve as vaccination, emotional stress, viral diseases or anesthesia, etc. The symptoms of alopecia are rare (2.5%).

Scar alopecia is one more r reason of balding men. Cicatricial alopecia is a permanently damage hair follicles, resulting in the formation of connective tissue (or scar). The reason for this may be alopecia infectious diseases (fungal, viral, bacterial), which causes an inflammatory response, which is formed in the connective tissue. Another is baldness can occur due to physical injuries of the scalp (thermal or chemical burns, wounds). Alopecia this type too rare (there are about 2%).

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Half of the adult humanity, no matter men they are or women, can face with the problem of baldness, or at least feel uncomfortable because of the rare and fragile hair. It's not just a question of beauty - hair are an important part of our body , and , falling , or they send us greetings from the ancestors , or trigger an alarm from the diseased organ . Today there are given a lot of the ways to couple with this problem. Of cause the choice depends on the situation. If to speak about generic propecia, it should be noticed that it is one of the best ways to get your hear back.

What we know about baldness

Hair is a characteristic feature of mammals, which is not peculiar to other animals. Development of hair is different not only in different mammals, but it can also vary in different parts of the body even in one of the individuals. People in this regard differ only in that in comparison with other primates has the smallest scalp.

Baldness can be caused by various

Abnormal hair loss or just hair loss can be caused by various conditions, including burns, scars and skin exposure to radiation. Serious infectious diseases (scarlet fever, typhoid fever, skin diseases) can also be baldness, but usually temporary. The most common type of baldness is a gradual disappearance of hair on the head, which occurs with age in most men.

Such baldness is irreversible and final. Hair growth cannot be restored or haircut or shave (sometimes considered), walking bareheaded, rubbing ointments or other medicament funds.

Practically established that is associated with hereditary baldness, i.e. transferred gene whose activation depends on sex. Such a hypothesis put forward by Hippocrates. If the gene is present, the second condition for the development of baldness is a sufficient amount of the male sex hormone testosterone, which stimulates hair growth on the body and slows their growth on the head.

Although testosterone is produced in all men, hair loss suffers only one third of them that just may be due to genetic information received by the person at conception. In 70-72 percent of cases baldness is inherited through the maternal line: mother passes the baldness gene from his father to his son.

Signs of baldness in most men appear to thirty years, in the form of bald patches on the head. Speed the process of hair loss can vary, there are long periods of relative stability. As a rule, the earlier the first signs of baldness, the faster the almost complete loss of hair.

All of the above does not apply to such skin conditions like alopecia areata, which leads to partial or complete baldness. Alopecia, although the disease can last for several months, there is usually restore normal hair growth.

If you notice that you have hair began to fall, you need to immediately turn to the beautician. That it will help you find the right solution to the situation. Treatment of alopecia is based primarily on the identification of the true reasons for its occurrence. Every day there are new treatments for baldness. The most effective method is considered to be a hair transplant. However, this procedure «affords «not all men. Moreover, the transplanted hair cannot settle down and then «waste of money " and useless. Quite often, men have recourse to the method of non-surgical hair replacement. This method has no effect on the human body, and can give a man confidence. Hair system is superimposed on the spot baldness, thereby hiding their problem from the eyes of others.